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Advertising in General Santos   MISSION

We aim to promote establishments and give people an easy access to enjoy General Santos City. We would like to build a certain interconnection between the Generals and what the city has to offer in the form of advertising hotels, restaurants, spa & salon, auto services, and many more to the best of our ability. SilipGensan is a website not just for the people who reside in Gensan but also for tourists and/or business entrepreneurs who want to visit and explore the beauty of the well-known Tuna Capital of the Philippines. Through our page, people get the benefit of being well-informed about certain prices and availabilities. We work together and go an extra mile to meet the wants and needs of our viewers.

Advertising in General Santos   VISION

Aspiring to become not just the city’s but the country’s overarching advertising company that ensures to convey the most accessible and reliable informations there are for you to know.

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Advertising in General Santos   BENEFITS OF SILIP GENSAN

It exhibits your business name and the type of products and/or services you offer.

Nothing is more frustrating than driving to a store only to find out that they’re already close. This might just shoo away potential customers and make them do their purchase somewhere else. Our website will always give customers a heads up which helps prevent loss of sales.

Business owners often don’t realize that one of the benefits of advertising would be making potential customers feel more involved and confident about their wants and needs for it implies professionalism, stability and reputability.

This is said to be one of the best forms of advertising and we couldn’t agree more! People will always tell others about their best experience and that’s inevitable. Indeed, a satisfied customer is an endorser in disguise!

A business that’s on and off in advertising will most likely give customers a false impression that it’s inoperative. That’s why we never leave the track. For consistency yields the best results.

It takes money to make money. Advertising doesn’t cost, it pays.