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Gensan Amateur Boxing Academy, Inc.

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Zone 7, Brgy, Bula, General Santos City

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6:00am to 6:00pm (Mon-Sun)

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Our old gym with young aspiring student boxers,demolished gym and our unfinished gym due to financial problems! We humbly ask your generous heart for us to continue fulfill the dreams of our future champs.

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China Bank Savings Account Name: Gensan Amateur Boxing Academy Inc.

Account Number: 108802015793

Gensan Amateur Boxing Academy Inc. is a semi-private voluntary, non-stock, non-profit corporation that will serve as a service organization whose main function is to develop potential young aspiring and underprivileged Filipino boxers to finish their studies through this institution. GABAI was registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) with registration no. CN-201536977, on September 14, 2015.


Gensan Amateur Boxing Academy Inc. was just a dream way back in year 2008. It all started by Cristino C. Laurente “Titing” and his wife Rosalinda Napoles Laurente in a small place of Brgy. Bula, General Santos City. “Titing” was a Seaman by profession who used to sail in the international seas for a few years. He realized to stop working away from home when his wife delivered their 3rd child named Criztian Pitt Laurente (who is now a member of the Philippine Boxing Team). He could not bear to let his kids grow far away from them. Titing tried to work in some local companies in town while Rosalinda took care of their children. What inspired him to become a boxing trainer was his Pitt who used to be a student of Taekwondo at a very young age. When Titing brought Pitt to an Amateur Boxing event, the boy discovered that whether you win or lose a boxer can received money. Pitt then convinced his father that from now on he would stop Taekwondo and focus in boxing and he also told Teteng will be his trainer. Criztian Pitt has been a Taekwondo student from age five (5) until nine (9) but received no monetary rewards that could help his family uplift their living. Even though Cristino had only limited background in boxing where he used to fight three times in his younger years; he still on the process of learning the sport. He got a motivation from his very close and good friend JM Barquin (Fitness Trainer) to become a boxing trainer. Titing and his ever loving and supportive wife Rosalinda put up a little gym in their house just to help continue the reverie dream of Pitt.

One of the sad and funny part of the process of putting things into places was when Titing forced his elder son Criz Sander(who is now also a member of the Philippine Boxing Team) to be Pitt’s sparring partner. The neighbours and friends witnessed the sacrificed and dedication of the family to develop their boy’s skills. However, their small gym could not accommodate more aspiring boxers, the couple decided to seek help from their Barangay. Fortunately, the compassionate OIC Brgy. Chairman Roel Tata Granfon offered a part of the Barangay Basketball Bula Gym as an area for boxing, Coco Tan, Vandyke Congson and some others were also a great help in providing boxing materials and equipment. Success did not take long enough for Gensan Boxer’s, they won the Overall Champion for the PALARONG PAMBANSA for the year 2011. It was a great achievement for all of the young aspiring athletes, the trainers, coaches and the City of General Santos as well.

But things didn’t go well financially; since both couple focused on personally handling the boxers (not only their kids) during the training until any event they competed, regardless if it’s within the city or throughout the country. They don’t have any business to support their family needs, tuitions fees and other bills. There were times during dinner both couple gave their meals just for sake of the boxers who stayed longer in training (gym-house). Cristino’s work was also affected due to his absences for his boxing training and during fight days. But it was worthy because of the success they achieved even on the early stage of their hard work. During one of the competitions, the Panabo Team from Davao City noticed the potential and dedication of Cristino in boxing, which started them to negotiate with him and offered to be one of the coaches and trainer on their team. It took a while for him to decide, he felt so depressed that he could just turn his back from those people who expect so much from him; the sponsors and especially the boxers. He took advantage of the opportunity for the welfare of his family; they offered reasonable amount of money, free schooling, board and lodging, food, vitamins and even allowance for his kids and some of his boxers.

Rosalinda took over the little gym even without the knowledge on how to train a boxer; but for the reason of being afraid to lose all their invested hard work, sweat and dreams. She underwent intensive training to be an Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines Referee(recently as National Boxing Referee). She embraced the full responsibility of being the mentor, mother, motivator for the rest of the boxers even she herself need it most. It was very hard and miserable again for her to be miles apart from her husband and two sons but it was a mutual decision just to survive and fulfill their obligation as parents to let their siblings finished their studies. All of the expenses during the training were all solicited and donated by some of those who pity and believed on those young kids who wanted to finish their studies while taking pride to represent our City and Country as well.

Titing on the other hand, adjust and adopt the new environment and the new challenged of another chapter of his life. Everything went well for the rest of two years in Panabo City, wherein; success were also fulfilled. On the other hand, the GENSAN LGU never gave up to winning him back and offered him a job that could feed his family and linger his skills and talent on our very own region. He explained to the Panabo Team and to the administrator about his situation and was so grateful for the trust and faith in him, for the precious time spend, and experienced. It was a good move by the Gensan LGU and made him now a boxing coordinator and boxing trainer of the City once again.


Gensan Amateur Boxing Academy Inc. is dedicated to alleviate the life of every boxer through proper education, moral and strengthen their spiritual values. It prepares every boxer to understand the importance of hard work and skills development to become a better person, and thus making them competent in every aspect of life.


We are and will be an a Academy where every boxer feels that they are part of a big family with brothers, sisters and Father and Mother who happens to be their trainer and mentor.


1. To place every boxers mental condition in success first on all life endeavor.

2. To develop a program that strengthens their core values as an individual by providing them applicable information’s like the importance of family, education and social relationship.

3. To provide free transportation, food, accommodation in every boxing event whether local, national and international competition.

4. To help find sponsors for school scholarship, food, uniform, and all necessary allowances.(SUNTOK PARA SA EDUKASYON)

5. To bring glory and honor to our City of General Santos and our Country Philippines.

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